Trinity Christian’s 2021 QB Jacory Jordan Is The Next Big Prospect

Jacory Jordan is a 6’4, 180lb QB from power house Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville has had some recent success in producing D-1 QBs and Jordan seems to be next in line. He already has three scholarship offers going into his junior season from WKU, FIU. and Valdosta State and that’s only going to grow. Jacory works with 6PointsJax, one of the best QB developing programs in the country continually improve his craft. On top of that he also participates on Pro Impact, a nationally regarded 7v7 team lead by Coach Gerard Ross.

There’s plenty of things that makes Jacory a special QB prospect. When watching his sophomore tape, one of the many things that stand out is how calm and collect he is. Many young QBs usually panic or are quick to take off and run when faced with pressure. Not Jacory, he does a good job at standing and stepping up in the pocket with defenders in his face. When he does scramble, he’s good at keeping his eyes downfield and finding the open man. While Jacory can be a dangerous runner, you get him at his best in the pocket. The young field general is able to process information quicker than the average high school QB and can really pick a defense apart. The 27 touchdown to 6 interception ratio shows you that he makes not only smart decisions, but the right ones. The last thing is his arm talent, Jordan has the arm to make any throw on the field and when to make it. He understands when to put a little extra heat to fit it in a tight window. He also knows when to put enough touch to drop it right over the shoulder of his wideout.

There is plenty to like about this young QB and I have reason to believe that he can be the top QB prospect of 2021, when that cycle gets here. Until that time comes, we should enjoy watching him grow and improving his craft.


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