Thoughts On FSU’s Early Signing Period.

Well the first day of the Early Signing period has came and went. While things didn’t go great, everything happened that we expected. Including FSU’s 4 Star QB flipping to UNC but I’ll get to that later. Here are my thoughts about the events of the early signing period.

FSU Snags Carol City Duo – 

3 Star DT Malcolm Ray & 3 Star CB Jarvis Brownlee both commit to the Seminoles. The Carol City teammates were committed elsewhere just two weeks ago.

Jarvis Brownlee was a shaky Miami commit, once he got an offer from his “dream school” in Florida State, there was speculation that a flip was coming at any moment. The 5’10 cornerback is the definition of a “dog”, he’s fast, aggressive and not afraid to come and hit you.

Malcolm Ray flipped his commitment from the USF Bulls to FSU early on signing day morning. Ray is a bit undersized for a DT at 250lbs but do not let that fool you, he is the best defensive lineman in FSU’s class. Just ask anyone who has watched Carol City this year, had 7 sacks in one game. Once Ray can gain a few pounds he can be a great contributor for the ‘Noles.

Kalen Deloach Sticks – 
4 Star linebacker out of Savannah, Georgia Kalen Deloach sticks with his commitment to FSU despite a lot of smoke for Michigan, leading up to signing day. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was trying and for a minute I thought he would succeed in flipping the 6’2, 205 linebacker. However, Deloach stayed firm in his commitment to the Seminoles and signed his LOI Wednesday morning.

The rangy, hard-hitting linebacker is going to play the “star” position. ACC Freshman All-American Jaiden Woodbey played this role last year and thrived at it. However, Woodbey is better at his natural position Strong Safety. With the official addition of Deloach FSU’s defense and linebacking corps just got a whole lot better.

Derrick Hunter Flips to Texas A&M-

Yawn. If you followed Derrick Hunter’s recruitment this doesn’t come to much as a surprise as he’s been committed to FSU since June and consistently dropped top 5 and top 10 lists of schools he is considering. It wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when” and to “who”, when it came to Hunter flipping to another school. Many believed Florida to be the favorites, yes. Favorites. To get the FSU commit but he takes his talents College Station under former FSU coach, Jimbo Fisher. While the 6’5, 260lb defensive end is a talented and disruptive player. I think many people are just glad this headache of a recruitment is put to rest.

4 Star QB Sam Howell Flips From FSU to UNC-

Now, here we go. The elephant on the page. How does this happen? What does this mean? Where will FSU go from here? Well, while it does suck losing a blue chip QB the writing has been on the wall since OC Walt Bell took off to become the HC of Umass. Despite what Howell said about FSU his actions seemed to say otherwise. One minute he’s 100% committed and the next he’s taking undercover visits to UNC. I think Howell knew he wasn’t going to FSU the moment the ink was dry on Mack Brown’s contract. Just my opinion. Why he would lead the staff astray and continue to stay “solid” to FSU is something, I just don’t understand. With that being said, I wish Sam Howell nothing but the best.

What are the possible options for FSU at QB now?

Justin Fields. Fields has put his name in the transfer portal making him the most sought after transfer out there. Honestly, I think this is a long shot. Taggart will have to break empty out all his bags of tricks to land this generational talent. I think Fields does like FSU but I think as of right now there’s more attractive destinations for him. That shouldn’t stop you from shooting your shot though. You have to at least try when it comes to a talent like Justin Fields.

Lance Legendre. I’ve been the conductor of this train with very few others on board for quite some time now. Legendre is a Louisiana native and will not be signing until February. He is an intriguing prospect and a terrific athlete. As of right now Legendre is a better runner than he passer but that does not mean he’s a bad passer at all. He constantly shows the ability to throw into tight windows with an absolute dart. There’s work for him to do in the short and intermediate passing game but with a redshirt, and learning the game from the sideline I think he can become a really good player.

John Rhys Plumlee. Plumlee is currently a UGA commit but with them just snagging the #2 Dual Threat QB in the nation Dwan Mathis, that commitment may not last much longer. He is another extremely athletic Quarterback, his displays good pocket presence and throws a pretty ball when given time. He’s another prospect that will need some time to develop. Expect FSU to pick up the heat with him in the couple of days.

Jalen Hurts. It’s widely assumed that Jalen Hurts will be a grad transfer after the sesson. This is a guy who FSU should kick the tires for, with Taggart trying to rebuild the culture this is exactly the type of player you need. Hurts is poised, calm, and leads by example something that the young players can follow. Hurts can come in and be a key factor in getting FSU back on track.James Blackman. Should be the day 1 starter. He’s a leader and the epitome of a great teammate, these players love him and will rally for him and that’s not something you can say about some QBs. I strongly believe that he’s done everything he’s needed to do. He needs to have a good camp, but I fully expect Blackman to start for FSU in 2019 and depending on who the OC is, that should excite you.

I’ll update this article as ESP goes on.

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