Florida Gators Early Signing Day Preview.

With Early Signing Period around 36 hours away the rumors and smoke are in full swing throughout Twitter and the message boards. The Florida Gators have a chance to arguably have the best day out of anybody in the country on Wednesday outside of Alabama. The Gators have about eight targets signing on Wednesday. Here’s where I think they will sign

Deyavie Hammond- This might be the simplest thing of the day. Hammond was once an Alabama commit but after opening up his recruitment at the beginning of 2018 the 4-star Guard decided to transfer back home from IMG Academy to Lakeland high school. Since then he has won a state championship and had a nice senior season. LSU and Florida State have kicked tires and tried but this one has been over for a long time thanks to strong ties with Dan Mullen Larry Scott and John Hevesy.

Prediction- Florida


Lloyd Summerall – This seemed like a given for the longest time. It has always been Florida or Miami for Summerall after the Seminoles fizzled out of his recruitment in late spring early summer. After Friday Night Lights in July, it seemed all but inevitable the 4-star defensive end would be the heir to Jachai Polite at the BUCK position. However, a late push from Miami has led to this recruitment being closer than some people think and maybe it really should be. Florida feels confident after their official visit however Miami does as well as they are fresh off the last visit and getting the last recruiting pitch too.

Prediction- Florida


Keon Zipper – This recruitment has been nothing short of a circus. Different leaders, tweets about him not staying home, Elite trolls on Twitter has had everyone in a mass state of confusion on where he will end up for a long time. A week ago, things seemed like Miami would land the “Prize” of the Lakeland Trio. However, every cycle things can and sometimes will change headed into signing day and I expect the 4-star tight end to sign with the Gators completing the Lakeland Trio.

Prediction- Florida


Derrick Hunter – This one might top Zippers for the wildest of the cycle. The former Miami commit then went on to be a Florida lean in the spring. Currently, the 4-star Defensive End is now committed to Florida State but you can really take that with a grain of salt. Florida seemed like they gained momentum after hosting his official visit although now it seems like Texas A&M are in the driver’s seat. I’m hearing UF and A&M both think they are getting him so this could be a crapshoot with Hunter changing his mind 15 more times before Wednesday.

Prediction- Texas A&M


Chris Steele –  At the Under Armor game last year Nik Bonitto started a trend that is a reporter’s worst nightmare. The rare and new concept known as “Silent signing” he signed on Early Signing Day in December and kept the decision to himself. Chris Steele will be doing the same thing this year however instead of Orlando his decision will be public in the fourth Quarter of the Adidas All American Bowl on January 5th. The 5 Star Corner was a one-time UCLA commit, then a UF lean before eventually committing and opening his recruitment again after a stint to USC. This is leaving many to believe he stays on the west coast. While the finalists are Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, USC, and South Carolina. This seems like it will come down to staying home and going to Oregon or crossing the country and being next up at “DBU”.

Prediction- Florida

Siaki Ika – He appeared to be the next trench monster that Alabama pumps out like candy for the longest time. However recently he has trended away from the Crimson Tide leaving Oregon and LSU as the two front-runners. Headed into this weekend before and during his visit to Florida. The crystal balls have been split which means nobody is sure which of the two. Florida is reported to have killed the visit the question is did they made up enough ground in time.

Prediction- While I’m writing this LSU…. but possibly Florida come Wednesday


Trey Sanders – This one is tough, every logical sign points to him signing with Florida.  His brother already being a PWO, His mom wants him to be a Gator, Proximity to home, along with a great relationship with Dan Mullen. However, these types of recruitments are the ones Florida has completely mismanaged and blown over the last seven years. This is the biggest recruitment of the cycle for Florida in terms of the perception of rebuilding the program and stating that they are on the way to being back with the elites. The other three contenders for the number 1 running back in America are Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. The long-time Alabama commit has many people thinking that he is just taking his talents back to Tuscaloosa but I have been hearing lately that is not the case. Georgia is the wild card but the depth in front of him is loaded so that seems like a longshot at best. That leaves Florida and Texas. Texas seemingly came out of nowhere but they are much more in this recruitment than most people think. Florida got the last visit and must feel good like the other three schools reportedly do. If they were to get him it could look and feel very similar how Jacob Copeland announced last year but I don’t think that happens.

Prediction- Texas

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