It’s Time to “Do Something” and Rebuild FSU’s Culture.

I’ve been one of the biggest Willie Taggart supporters since he was announced as Florida State’s new coach in December. It takes time to rebuild a program along with a dismantled culture. However, Not even I can defend the embarrassing loss the Seminole’s suffered at the hands of Clemson. It was evident that players were tuned out and not even trying out there. From cackling on the sideline down 30 to throwing punches out of frustration, this is not what you want to see from a team you thought was turning the corner.

I’ve never been a person to call for a player to be kicked off the team so I won’t say any names but if I was coach Taggart, some of these guys lockers would be cleared out by tomorrow. The whole offseason we were talked to about accountability and holding these players accountable…. It’s time to do just that. It’s time to cut loose ends and play the guys that are willing to go out and give 100% on every down. The kids that didn’t come to Florida State to cry, whine, and complain. Play the ones that came to Florida State to win championships.

You simply cannot rebuild a bad culture by putting the same product that you’re trying to avoid on the field every single Saturday. No matter what the outcome of the games are, that mentality will still be there and it showed today. All the progress FSU was thought to have made went down the drain in 3 quarters. This was an abysmal performance by players who were thought to be making strides. Most of the players who quit were third and fourth year guys, guys who won’t ever learn at this point.

Where does Florida State go from here? Now, I know not everyone will agree with me but…. It’s time to forget about bowl streaks and years of a winning season. It’s time to worry about rebuilding FSU into a championship caliber program and not a McDonald’s Obesity Awareness Bowl program. In order to do that it’s time to make a statement, bench the cancers. Play the young guys. I don’t care if we don’t win another game, play the kids that will be a stepping stone for the future. Watching today’s game it was the freshmen and sophomore flying around, making plays, and most importantly giving their all. Kids like Asante Samuel Jr, AJ Lytton, and Keshawn Helton were some of the only bright spots today. Did they make mistakes? Yes, but they brought a passion and an attitude that you don’t see with the juniors and seniors. It’s time to let these kids loose and be the change.

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