Jaguars @ Titans Preview

AFC south champion the Jacksonville Jaguars take on divisional rival the Tennessee Titans this weekend. The writers of TheCover3 will each provide their keys to the game and what they think should be the game plan going in should be.


 Keys to the Game:

Aaron: The biggest thing for the Jaguars in this Week 17 matchup is to stay healthy, guaranteed a game next week the Jaguars cannot afford to have any major injuries going to the playoffs. On the other hand, they would like to get out of Sunday with a victory and avoid playing the Tennessee Titans for the third time this season, next week on wildcard weekend. I expect Blake Bortles to have a bounce back game coming off a three-interception game. Tennessee’s secondary is subpar so this could be a game where Bortles get his confidence back just in time for the playoffs.

Tony: The keys to the game for the Jags this weekend is to get Leonard Fournette going. When Fournette is going, it makes everything easier for the offense. Back in week 2 vs the Titans, Fournette had only 40 yards on 14 carries averaging 2.9 yards per carry as the Jaguars offense struggled. If Fournette is running well, the Jags will be hard to stop. Another key is the defense. Last week Jimmy Garoppolo made the best defense in the NFL, look very average. They’ll have a tough task this week trying to stop the Titans strong running game led by Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry. The Jags had a tough time defending the run back in week 2 as Derrick Henry rushed for 14 carries 92 yards averaging an impressive 6.6 yards per carry. However, the Jaguars have really improved in run defense since adding Marcell Dareus midseason from the Buffalo Bills.

Darien: The Jacksonville Jaguars are locked in for post season action for the first time since 2007, winning the division for the first time in franchise history. There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the jags and there’s rumblings of the Jags maybe going to the Super Bowl around the city. However, with all that being said they have to take care of business. For Coach Marrone and his Jaguars it’s all about pride when it comes to defeating the Titans of Tennessee. After an abysmal performance last week from the league’s best secondary, the jaguars are looking to build some momentum headed into the post season.

Key Players:


Offense: Allen Hurns, returning from injury it’s going to be vital to get him going again before the post season.

Defense: Marcell Dareus, since the acquisition of Dareus the Jaguars run defense has improved significantly as Tony mentioned above.


Offense: Leonard Fournette. If the Jags plan on playing the starters like coach Marrone has said, it’ll be big to get Fournette going and get some momentum going into the playoffs.

Defense: Telvin Smith. Telvin Smith is known as one of the better cover linebackers in the league. He’ll have a tough task vs Delaine Walker, who has given the Jags trouble in the past.


Offense: Blake Bortles, I expect the Titans to sell out for the run to stop Fournette. Blake has improved greatly this year even after a bad performance last week I expect him to bounce back and play well tomorrow.

Defense: Yannick Ngakoue, He has a natural knack for the ball with his play making ability he should have a big day against a struggling Marcus Mariota.

Score prediction:

Aaron:  24-17 Jaguars.

Tony: 27-13 Jaguars. *if starters play full game

Darien: 21-6 Jaguars.


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